Cass Teaching Laboratory - Field Facilities Centre - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Teaching activities at Cass field station

The Cass Mountain Research Area - as the Cass field station is sometimes referred to, is situated at Cass, 105km west of Christchurch in the mountains of the Waimakariri Basin. Undergraduates on field trips are accommodated in a 43-bunk building with common room, drying room and kitchen facilities.

Additional information about teaching activities at the Cass Mountain Research Area can be viewed at the CMRA web pages.

The Cass area provides a very wide range of environments - montane grasslands, scrub, riverbed, scree, beech forest, swamp, bog, lake, stream and alpine habitats can all be reached by day trips on foot.

Day trips by vehicle can be made to the subalpine and alpine habitats of the Craigieburn Range or Arthurs Pass on the main divide of the Southern Alps, and to lowland and montane mixed podocarp-broadleaved forests of Westland.

Teaching Activities at Cass