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Applying to undertake activities on the CMRA

The CMRA is available to all UC staff and post graduate students for research purposes. In addition the CMRA offers numerous innovative teaching opportunities for teaching staff at the University. External (non UC) applications for teaching or research activities will also be considered on a case by case basis.

All people (including UC staff and students) proposing to undertake research or teaching activities on the CMRA are required to complete and submit the application form (bottom of this page) prior to starting the activity.

The application will be discussed by the CMRA Management Committee. The applicant will be informed within seven working days whether permission to carry out the proposed research or teaching activity has been granted.

There is a requirement that once research and teaching has been completed, all materials are removed from the CMRA. In addition - information about the following may be requested:

Health and Safety
All teaching and research activities taking place at the CMRA will need to consider Health and Safety and plan and prepare accordingly. This is a mountainous site with multiple risks and hazards that need to be addressed before venturing into the field. To assist you with this a generic Health and Safety and Risk Assessment form has been prepared.

Animal Ethics
If working with animals on or around the CMRA, you must obtain Animal Ethics Approval through the University of Canterbury’s Animal Ethics Committee. Visit the website and fill out the appropriate forms.

Research Outputs
Upon completion of your research at the CMRA, please send electronic (preferably pdf) copies of any published papers or reports that you produced as a result of working at the CMRA to the Field Services Manager, University of Canterbury. These will be added to the publications list on the website which will assist in any related or follow-on teaching and research activities.

After you have made full use of the data collected while working at the CMRA, please consider depositing it into the CMRA database that you think could be valuable in long-term teaching and research activities. Contact the the Field Services Manager, Univrsity of Canterbury and arrange to deposit the data.

Access and use of facilities
Accomodation bookings for Cass Field Station will not occur prior to completion and processing of the below CMRA application form. Access to the CMRA and use of the Cass Field Station facilities is arranged through the online bookings system at

Application to carry out Research or Teaching activities at CMRA

*Primary person undertaking the research or teaching activity

Research Activity Teaching Activity

If you are a student provide the name of your supervisor

Nature of the research/teaching activity (e.g. Geol 564 field trip or MSc research etc.)

Location of activity within CMRA (refer to names in management plan). List activities/location if they occur outside the CMRA too.

Does the activity require the use of lab space, power, internet or other physical resources associated with the Cass field station?

Commencement date (dd/mm/yyyy)

Finishing date (dd/mm/yyyy)

Potential factors that might compromise your activity in terms of other users of the CMRA (e.g. disturbance of experimental sites):

Potential risks/effects of your work to others working in the CMRA or to the CMRA environment (e.g. through using traps or poisons):

Has animal ethics approval for the research/teaching activity been approved?

Has a risk assessment (UC Field Activities Plan or equivalent) been completed: