Management Plan 2013-2017 - Cass Mountain Research Area - Field Facilities Centre - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Cass Mountain Research Area - Management Plan 2013 - 2017

University of Canterbury vision:
People prepared to make a difference – tangata tū, tangata ora.

The University of Canterbury seeks to promote a world-class learning environment known for attracting people prepared to make a difference through inspirational and innovative research, teaching and learning.

The Cass Mountain Research Area (CMRA), 1775 ha of eastern South Island mountain land owned and operated by the university, forms a key part of what makes the University of Canterbury distinct. The CMRA links  the city campus  to the iconic high country environments characteristic of the Canterbury province and recorded in the wonderful paintings of Rita Angus. This environment is part of the heritage and culture of Canterbury and of the university.

The location of the CMRA in a scenic, vulnerable, mountain environment adjacent to the main tourist route to the west coast, next to a national park, and blended within the mosaic of grasslands, forests and rivers that drive much of the province’s economy, offers unparalleled opportunities for the university to play a major role in an environment at the heart of its province. Moreover, this location offers the launching pad for UC to be a world leader in the sustainable use and management of mountain environments.

This management plan explains how the CMRA makes a key contribution to the UC vision, sets out goals for doing this and outlines the management actions required to achieve these goals.

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