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Cass Mountain Research Area - Resources

The following are maps and photographs of the CMRA

Coomonly used names in the CMRA
Commonly used names in the CMRA

Teaching and research areas CMRA
Commonly used names of teaching and research areas at the Cass Mountain Research Area.

Designated sites CMRA
Yellow squares - enclosures
Green crosses - permanent photopoints
Pink stars - weather stations
Red squares - deer fenced enclosures

Fences and tracks at the CMRA
Blue lines - fences
Unbroken orange lines - four wheel tracks
Dashed orange lines - walking tracks
Black triangle - Field Station
Orange circles - water tanks

Topographic map CMRA
Topographic map showing the walking track to the Waimakariri Flats

Map showing land adjoining CMRA
Map showing Adjoining land tenure. Public land administered by DOC is shown in green. Public land administered by LINZ is shown in light blue.

Land cover within the CMRA
Land cover within the CMRA

CMRA Boundary
CMRA boundary