Kaikoura Field Station - Field Facilities Centre - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Kaikoura field station

Update October 2016: Due to circumstances beyond our control, UC has ceased using the Kaikoura field station facilities, The Esplanade, Kaikoura. We intend to re-establish our teaching and research at a new Kaikoura field station in the near future.

"The Kaikoura Peninsula marks a transition zone between elements of northern and southern flora and fauna, e.g. it is the one place in New Zealand where all five species of intertidal limpets coexist. It is famed for the richness of its seaweed flora. There is an extensive range of intertidal platforms and reefs with varied exposure to wave action. The waters offshore are a complex mixture of sub-antarctic, subtropical and coastal water masses. Off the Peninsula there is a complex submarine canyon system with deep water (1000m) occurring within a few kilometers of the coast. The Kowhai Bush provides an accessible and unique environment for research of New Zealand native bird species, while the near-by mountain range give opportunities for work on a transact from the snowline to sea-level over a distance of a few kilometers. A number of streams and small lakes extends the research opportunities into freshwater habitats." Professor George Knox - Mauri Ora Volume 12, 1985