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The Kaikoura Region; A Bibliography

Kaikoura has been the centre for a great variety of research for 40 years, some of it directly related to Kaikoura and its flora and fauna, while other research has used the region as part of nationwide surveys. This bibliography is based on the former type of research, highlighting work actually carried out at Kaikoura.

This bibliography, will undoubtedly not cover every publication, but we have endeavoured to include every possible reference which could be found, in the hope that it will form a useful stepping stone for anyone wishing to carry out research in the Kaikoura region.

Rather than simply list publications in alphabetical order, titles are grouped under several broad headings.

If you know of publications that should be included please email a reference to the Field Services Manager


ZOOLOGY Terrestrial

Index to the Collected Marine Reprints of the Edward Percival Field Station

The Collected Marine Reprints of the Edward Percival Field Station were first compiled and distributed to marine institutes and organization in exchange for their publications in the early 1970's. Marine research publications from staff and students of the University of Canterbury Zoology Department are included in the publications. This continued through the 1990's but was discontinued as interest in publication exchange between marine institutes and organizations dwindled.